Domenico Cimarosa - The Fanatic for Ancient Romans: Overture
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Concerto No.24 in C minor, K.491: Larghetto
Richard Strauss Sinfonia domestica
Arnold Schoenberg Chamber Symphony No.2, Op.38

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              Beck at KING FM
              (The Seattle Times, September 4, 2013)

              KING FM Snatches Top Talent from KUOW Scramble
              (Crosscut, September 3, 2013)
              "Celebrate the Arts - Best Bets for the 2012 - 2013 Season"
              (Northwest Prime Time September 5, 2012)
              (Magnolia and Queen Anne News August 29, 2012)
              "Music Resources for Families"
              (Seattle Child August 2012)

              "How's KING-FM 98.1 doing?"
              (The Queen Anne & Magnolia News 6/27/2012)

              "When Radio Takes the Pledge"
              (The Seattle Times 4/17/12)

              "Director, Pianist Delivers the Funny Side of Classical Music"

              (The Wenatchee World 3/9/12)

              "It's Mozart Month"

              (Seattle Times 1/6/12)

              "KING FM: Making the Cut as a non Profit?"

              ( 12/1/11) 

              "KING FM Broadcasts SSO's Big Night"

              (Seattle Times 9/12/11)

              "Celebrate the Arts

              (Northwest Prime Time 8/30/11)

              "Every Saturday is Opera Night on KING FM"

              (Seattle Times 8/30/11)

              "Classic Music KING FM is Now Listener-Supported

              (Puget Sound Business Journal 5/3/11)  

              "Seattle's Classical Station Tosses the Profit Motive

              ( 5/2/11)

"KING FM Raising Bucks, with More to Come"   
              (Puget Sound Business Journal 4/8/11)

              "KING FM Will Become Listener-Supported Sooner Than Thought
              (Seattle PI 4/7/11)

              "Maestro, Cue the Pledge Drive"  
              ( 4/7/11)

              "9-Year-Old Pianist is Grand in KING FM Competition
              (Seattle Times 3/7/11) 


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Brittany Deininger of Tacoma, WA, Marketing Manager of Sound Options, had this to say about their recent behind-the-scenes visit to a Classical KING FM live broadcast in the studios:   “Thank you so much for the invitation. The entire experience of seeing creativity in action was so interesting, the music of course was phenomenal, and I had some great conversations with other underwriters. As soon as my husband got in the car, he turned to me and said that is seriously one of the coolest experiences I have had all year. It was a pleasure to see the craft behind Classical KING FM. Thanks!”

“I'm a lifelong listener to classical music radio stations, from babyhood to 18 yrs. in  Los Angeles --my mother always kept the music station on all day. I continued the practice through college (Santa Barbara) and in Kirkland for these 35 yrs.Thanks!” -Mary Whittington, Kirkland, WA
“We enjoy classical music and listener-supported radio. One of our favorite programs on Classical King is "The Score" with Edmund Stone. We tune in attentively each weekend to hear his array of symphonic music for film. Thank-you!” -Mari and Lucas Martinez, Edmonds, WA

“Soothing music for the busy world.” -Pattie Berghof, Everett, WA

“I have just started listening to this station yesterday when I was flipping through the channels, I never knew it existed. I am very excited that I have found it now when I drive in the Washington rain I have a peaceful and relaxing trip :) -Thank you!”  -Naim Méndez, Yelm, WA

“I find the music soothing for myself - and my chickens love it.”  -Julie Pellegrini, Issaquah, WA

“Music Through The Night” with host Mike Brooks helped get me through a difficult period of my life. Mike plays wonderful music! I also love Sunday evenings of  'angel music' - the early music and the masses are very calming. And of course who doesn’t love Brad Eaton!”  -Tamara Bernstein, Duvall, WA

“Other than occasionally CBC reception (in Canada), Classical KING FM is the only local source for symphonic music.  Although you dwell on the Mozart type era too much for me, I do get exposed to many new composers and am thankful for that.  Good job!”  -Arthur Pederson, Seattle, WA

“[KING FM provides] protection against the dumbing down of the world. Be part of the movement to keep classical available to everyone!”  -Robert Leclaire, Everett, WA
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