A KING FM Milestone

Celebrate what you’ve made possible!

As KING FM’s 5-year anniversary comes to a close, KING FM proudly renews its commitment to providing a voice for classical music and the arts here in our beautiful region. We’re pleased to share a marvelous musical moment, illustrating how – beyond the hundreds of thousands who tune in to KING FM for daily enrichment through classical music – KING FM’s programming runs deep into our community of musicians and music-lovers.

Please enjoy two young, talented musicians, cellist Julian Schwarz and pianist Marika Bournaki, performing on NW Focus Live in the KING FM Studio in a video produced by Sean MacLean. You made this possible.

Thanks to your support:

  • More than 10,000 listeners tuned in to enjoy this beautiful performance; that’s more than any concert hall in our region!
  • Their upcoming concert with the Lake Union Civic Orchestra, a local volunteer ensemble, was highlighted, providing them with an opportunity to boost their ticket sales.
  • Young musicians were given a chance to be heard and to share their talent and musical inspiration with thousands of people.
  • This professional video was created for all to enjoy, and for the musicians to share with other professionals and a new audience.
  • Connections were forged with the next generation of classical music listeners with on-demand content that they can listen to on their mobile devices and computers.

Listener support has made the broadcast of more than 45 performances like this one possible every year, with more than 90 additional live concerts featuring local ensembles and up-and-coming artists. Thank you for your commitment to classical music in our region.

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