Compline Service

Compline Service


For nearly 50 years, you’ve tuned to KING FM for the Office of Compline, a Gregorian chant service held every Sunday night at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Now you can hear this beautiful, meditative music anytime you want, right here. Tune in every Sunday at 9:30pm for our live Compline broadcast.

January 15, 2017

The Second Sunday after the Epiphany

ORISON: God of Mercy, God of Grace – Lucerna Laudoniae, David Evans (1874-1948)
PSALM 40:1-11 – plainsong, Tone II.1
HYMN: They Kingdom Come, O God! – St. Cecilia, Leighton George Hayne (1836-1883)
NUNC DIMITTIS: Lord God, You Now Have Set Your Servant Free – Song 1, melody and bass Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625); harm. Hymns for School and Church, 1964
• Jesu, Dulcis Memoria – Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)
• Agnus Dei (from Mass of the Quiet Hour) – George Oldroyd (1887-1956)

Jeremy Matheis, director • Joel Matter, reader • Joel Bevington, cantor

January 8, 2017

First Sunday after Epiphany; The Baptism of Our Lord

ORISON: I Come, the Great Redeemer Cries – This Endris Nyght – English melody; harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
PSALM 29 – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
HYMN: Alleluia, Song of Gladness – Urbs beata Jerusalem, plainsong, Mode 2
NUNC DIMITTIS: setting by Jeremy Junkinsmith (b. 1956)
ANTHEM*: The Baptism of Jesus – Peter R. Hallock

Jeremy Matheis, director • Jeffrey Ricco, reader • Cameron Mousighi, cantor, *Tyler Morse, alto soloist

January 1, 2017

First Sunday after Christmas; The Feast of The Holy Name

ORISON: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence- (Tune: Picardy, French Carol) from Chansons populaires des Provinces de France, 1860
PSALM: 103 plainsong, Tone VIII
HYMN: Ring Out, Wild Bells (Tune: Deus Tuorum Militum) from Grenoble Antiphoner, 1753; Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), arr. GWB
NUNC DIMITTIS: Plainsong, Mode V; harm. Padre Vincente Ripollès
I saw a maiden – Old Basque Nöel from the 15th cent; refrain by Edgar Pettman (1865-1943)
Resonet in laudibus – Jacob Handl (1550-1591)
Ken Pendergrass, director • William Turnipseed, reader • Kenneth Peterson, cantor

December 11, 2016

Third Sunday of Advent

ORISON: Redeemer of the Nations, Come (Tune: Veni Redemptor gentium) – Plainsong, Mode I, Einsiedeln MS., 12th cent.
PSALM 146:5-10 – plainsong, Tone VIII
HYMN: Comfort, Comfort Ye My People (Tune: Psalm 42) – melody by Claude Goudimel (1514-1572); adapted by Louis Bourgeois, 1551
NUNC DIMITTIS: plainsong Tone I.8; harm. William Byrd (1543-1623)
ANTHEM*: Rorate Caeli – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
Jeremy Matheis, director • Jeffrey Ricco, reader • Cameron Mousighi, cantor
*Soloists: Gregory Bloch & Tyler Morse

December 4, 2016

Second Sunday of Advent

PROCESSIONAL: O come, O come, Emmanuel (Tune: Veni, veni, Emmanuel) – Plainsong, Mode I, from Processionale, 15th cent.; arr. and harm. Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
PSALM 72: 1-7, 18-19 – plainsong, Tone I.1
HYMN: Ah! think not, ‘the Lord delayeth’ (Tune: St. Olaf’s Sequence [Postquam Calix Babylons]) – Percy Dearmer (1867-1936); harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
NUNC DIMITTIS: Marilyn setting – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
ANTHEM: Pulcherrima rosa – (Anonymous 16 cent., Codex Speciálník)

Ken Pendergrass, director • Tyler Morse, officiant • Thomas Adams, cantor

November 20, 2016

Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King

ORISON: Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts – Christe Redemptor, Sarum Plainsong, Mode I
PSALM 46 – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
HYMN: The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow (Tune: York – melody from The CL Psalmes of David, 1615) – harm. John Milton, Sr. (cir. 1563-1647)
NUNC DIMITTIS: Plainsong, Tonus Peregrinus; harm. William Byrd (1543-1623)
ANTHEM: Great Lord of Lords – Charles Wood (1866-1926)

Jeremy Matheis, director • William Turnipseed, reader • Cameron Mousighi, cantor

November 13, 2016

26th Sunday after Pentecost

ORISON: My Spirit Longs for Thee – John Dowland (1563-1626)
PSALM 143 – plainsong, tone VI
HYMN: The Great Creator of the Worlds (Tune: Tallis’ Ordinal) – Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585)
NUNC DIMITTIS: Marilyn setting – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
ANTHEM: Peccantem me quotidie – Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594)
Jeremy Matheis, director • William Turnipseed, reader • Cameron Mousighi, cantor

November 6, 2016

25th Sunday after Pentecost; The Feast of All Saints (November 1st)

ORISON: Holy is the True Light – William H. Harris (1883-1973)
PSALM 149 – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
HYMN: Jesus, Son of Mary (Tune: ADORO DEVOTE) – French church melody, Mode 5
NUNC DIMITTIS: setting by Roger Sherman (b. 1954)
ANTHEM: I Am the Resurrection; We Brought Nothing Into this World; I Heard a Voice – Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656)
Jeremy Matheis, director • Jeffrey Ricco, reader • Thomas Adams, cantor

October 30, 2016

The 24th Sunday after Pentecost

ORISON: Now cheer our hearts this eventide (Based on the hymn tune ACH BLEIB BEI UNS) – Geistliche Lieder, Leipzig, 1589; adapt. and harm. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
PSALMS 32 & 4 – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
HYMN: To you before the close of day (Tune: TE LUCIS ANTE TERMINUM) – Plainsong, Mode VIII, Antiphonale Sarisburiense, vol. II
NUNC DIMITTIS: Plainsong, Mode VII; harm. Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
ANTHEM: A Colloquy with God – Richard Rodney Bennett (1936-2012)