Musical Chairs

Join us Fridays at 7pm for Musical Chairs, hosted by Michael Brooks. Each week Michael chats with a member of the Pacific Northwest classical music community and plays some of their favorite works, sharing stories and background. Fascinating people sharing great music–every Friday night.

Musical Chairs host Michael Brooks came to Seattle from the East Coast more than 20 years ago. It didn’t take long for Mike to become enthralled with the Northwest’s nature and hospitality. He joined KING FM in the spring of 2007 and has enjoyed the return to his “radio roots.” His first radio job was at a classical station in his hometown of Baltimore, Md.

March 31, 7pm: Maggie Stapleton FAREWELL Interview

For the past six years flutist Maggie Stapleton has been an integral part of the programming team at Classical KING FM, serving as the Assistant Program Director for the station and the Manager of Second Inversion, KING FM’s contemporary classical music project. As one of the original founders and directors of Second Inversion, Maggie has played a key role in shaping and inspiring the new music community in Seattle and beyond—and all while maintaining a busy performance schedule with local orchestras and ensembles.

This April Maggie sets out on a new adventure, but before she goes, she shares a few of her favorite recordings from the KING FM music library.

April 7, 7pm: David Brooks

David Brooks spent 45 years working in the computer industry, and 55 years singing and playing in school and community orchestras and choruses. Born in England, and adopting timpani/percussion as his orchestral instrument, he performed in London school orchestras, the Cambridge University chorus and orchestra, and in various community groups in England. He’s lived in the U.S. since 1983 and in the Northwest since 1997, where he has played with several local orchestras and been on the board of the Northwest Mahler Orchestra, a region-wide group that meets for a brief season every summer.

As a percussionist who gets plenty of opportunity to sit at the back and listen, he values the opportunity to study and understand symphonic music from the inside. As a member of a region-wide player community, he appreciates working with his peers as a guest in different ensembles.

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