Classical KING FM Spring 2017 Fund Drive

Help us raise $168,000!

It’s time for the KING FM Spring Drive, we’ll be on-the-air and online Friday, March 3rd – Friday, March 10th asking for your help to fund all the great music and programs you love.

KING FM is a community endeavor. It’s public radio. That means it’s funded by you… and even better, it means it belongs to you. All of this music belongs to our community—but it relies on the community to pay for it. That’s how it works. Make sure KING FM keeps working long into the future with your important contribution today. Your support matters so much.

Becoming a sustainer makes your gift even more affordable. Ongoing monthly giving breaks your donation into smaller, easy monthly amounts. Just $5, $10, or $15 a month may seem small… but it all adds up to a big impact over time. It helps KING FM thrive. It makes a big difference.




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