Program Director
I am committed to preserving the success and traditions of KING FM, but I am also passionate about finding ways for KING to remain relevant in a changing media landscape.

4am – 9am Weekdays
12am – 5am Saturdays and Sundays
“Being able to share this music with our listeners in one of the most beautiful, artistically active regions in the world is a dream come true!”

10am – 3pm Weekdays
8pm – 9pm Wednesdays for Seattle Symphony Spotlight
Dave has more than 30 years of broadcast experience in the Seattle area. When he’s not on air, he’s playing cello or cultivating his keen interest in aeronautics and exploration.

12am-4am Weekdays
6am-12pm Weekends
7pm Fridays – Host of Musical Chairs
Mike comes to Seattle from the east coast. A job transplant with a one year contract and then head “back home” was his plan. That was more than 20 years ago!

12pm–7pm Weekends
Marta listens to all kinds of music, from rock to jazz to classical…In the classical vein, she’s truly moved by the music of Brahms, thrills to Prokofiev, and finds solace and calm in Bach.

One of KING FM’s 5 online channels One of KING FM’s 5 online channels, streaming 24/7
Second Inversion is hosted by three KING FM staff members and many guests from the community. Visit to meet the Second Inversion announcers.

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