Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartet No.15 in A minor, Op.132
Traditional (arr. Woods/Snyder) Christmas Medley
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: Romance
Giacomo Puccini La Boheme: Act I
Ralph Vaughan Williams Symphony No.1 "A Sea Symphony"
Steven Mackey Marimba
Ways to Listen 


Classical KING FM has been broadcasting locally at 98.1MHz on the FM dial since May 21, 1948. Our broadcast transmitter is located on West Tiger Mountain near Issaquah, WA (Coordinates: 47.488369, -121.947788). Due to the area's hilly terrain, some radio receivers need additional antenna support:

For table or portable radios try re-positioning the radio or antenna orientation toward the KING FM transmitter location.

For home stereos that have a hookup for an external antenna there are several types of external antennas. An indoor Dipole antenna is very inexpensive (less than $5.00), and can be positioned on an interior wall in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. When horizontally mounted the broad side of the antenna should be directed towards the KING FM transmitter. Try moving the antenna around for a clearer signal. A set of TV rabbit ears also can work well as a simple dipole antenna.

Other antennas include powered plug-in models that provide greater reception gain as well as some signal amplification, and range between $15.00 and $50.00.

If you live in British Columbia, check this list to find KING's FM frequency near you. To use this service, you may have to hook up the external antennal connection of your FM receiver to your cable box.


Do you have HD Radio at home or in your car? You can listen to three different classical radio stations, courtesy of KING FM:

98.1-1: Classical KING FM
98.1-2: KING FM Evergreen Channel
98.1-3: KING FM Seattle Symphony Channel

Learn more about whether you can listen to KING FM with your HD Radio. 


Classical KING FM has been streaming on the Internet since December 1995. Listen to any one of our five channels here. If you're having trouble, try our Streaming Help page.


If you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android Phone, you can stream Classical KING FM using our app! It's available in the iTunes Store and Google Play store--and best of all, it's free!

Learn more about our app here.


A few mouse clicks is all it takes to stream all of KING FM's channels through iTunes. First, check to see if you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Then, follow these instructions to find radio listings in iTunes if you have a Mac and follow these instructions if you have a PC. Once you've found the radio listings, click on "Classical" for an alphabetical listing of classical radio stations. You will find us in the Cs under "Classical KING FM."


Classical KING FM is now being offered in digital quality throughout most of Western Washington by Comcast Cable. If you subscribe to Comcast Digital Cable - you're already good to go! Tune your Digital Cable Set-Top Box to digital channel 986, and you can listen to great classical music through your television. And with a simple audio connection from your digital set-top box to your home stereo amplifier - KING FM never sounded so good. This is especially true for listeners residing away from the Seattle area, or in those hilly, reception-challenged areas. If you do not currently subscribe to digital cable, a set-top box can be leased for about $1 per month. Click here to find out if Classical KING FM is available on your cable television system.


If you have any questions about streaming KING FM via our website, our app, cable TV or iTunes, please contact the Website Coordinator at (206) 691-2290 or at

If you have questions about listening via FM Radio or HD Radio, contact our front desk at (206) 691-2981 and ask for the Operations Director, or email

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