Joseph Haydn - Symphony No.100 in G "Military"
Felix Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's Dream: Nocturne
Giacomo Puccini Turnadot: Part III (Hosted by Aidan Lang)
David Diamond Symphony No.2
Thuridur Jonsdottir Inni - Music da Camera

Peter Newman

Seattle native Peter Newman has been with KING-FM since 1977, serving as Morning Show host, Operations Director, Program Director and General Manager. A graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in Speech and History, Peter was drawn to radio by the campus radio station where he hosted an eclectic late-night radio show mixing comedy, interviews and even the odd musical selection. Stints at KUOW and KXA turned his head from thoughts of law school and international studies.

His Austrian-born parents shaped Peter’s musical tastes. Mahler and Dvorak are personal favorites, but 1930’s English dance bands and musicals can also be found in his library. The college radio experience probably accounts for his collection of novelty recordings.

Peter’s current work at KING FM is the production and broadcast of live concert broadcasts. Bringing the sound of live music to the radio is deeply rewarding for Peter, an experience you can’t get from a commercial or studio recording. As listener-supported station, Peter believes that this programming is a vital part of the mission and DNA of KING FM.

Peter divides his time between Seattle and the Oregon coast. Travel, ethnic dining and all-things electronic compete for his time. He is married to well-known stage actor Megan Cole and is supervised by two cats, Rico and Giulietta.
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