Bryan Lowe

Bryan Lowe has lived in the Pacific NW his entire life. Bryan comes from a family of musicians, including a sister who plays in the Pacific NW Ballet Orchestra and a brother who tours internationally with jazz and rock ensembles. His family radio station when he was young? KING FM.

Bryan played French horn in many local groups including Seattle Youth Symphony, Bellevue Philharmonic, and Seattle Philharmonic. He attended Cornish and was a Gold Medal performer with the Seattle Symphony under Milton Katims. His goal since childhood was to become an announcer at KING FM. As a child he “practiced” being a KING FM announcer with a toy broadcast kit, and was active as a classical announcer at his high school radio station and at the public station at Washington State University in Pullman.

He started at KING FM after graduation in 1979. Since 1996 Bryan has been instrumental in the development of KING FM’s website and online broadcast channels. He became Program and New Media Director in 2006. His favorite composers are Messiaen, Janacek, and Prokofiev, though he also enjoys Chopin and R. Strauss. Bryan has built several boats and uses them with his wife and two children in the sloughs and rivers of the Northwest. He is involved in youth programs at Mercer Island High School and is on the board of the WMEA Young Musicians Excelling Program.

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