The Power of Music

Classical KING FM host Lisa Bergman and I just had the most wonderful conversation about the power of music.  I’m sure you know what I mean, as it’s universal, and it’s one of the aspects of music that I think we all love.    Having spent our lifetimes directly involved in music, we had countless stories to share with each other about music and first loves, pieces that remind us of those now gone, and remembering the magic of hearing something beautiful for the first time.    What a gift we can all share with music, and for us, especially in classical music, which has so much depth and breadth and power.

I remember my first glimmers of romance, perhaps in middle school, when I just started to notice the girls in the horn section of my orchestra.  There were stirrings of something that had me seeing them in a new way, and the soundtrack was classical music!  😉   To this day I think of one of my favorite horn section friends when I hear a piece we were playing together, and she had the big solo.  Quite literally we were making beautiful music together, though at that age it meant literally that.  But that was more than enough at the time!

At the time I probably thought it so fitting that Howard Hanson’s Symphony #2 was called “The Romantic”.    Even though the video above is from decades after my experience, t’s a puppy love that is fun to remember, and the music brings it all back every time I hear it.  I love my wife of 32 years, and always will, but this music is such a nice memory of a time and a frame of mind that is long gone.

Is there a piece that does that for you?  Happy?  Sad?  Romantic?   What is your memory and the music that triggers it?  I’d love to share it here, and will share just your first name, or call you “anonymous” if you prefer!   Write me at

Bryan Lowe
Classical KING FM host

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