Violinist Augustin Hadelich

It has long been obvious to Classical KING FM listeners and fans of the Seattle Chamber Music Society’s Summer Festival: Augustin Hadelich is one of the world’s greatest violinists. Grammy voters agreed last month, when the 31-year-old

First of all: they never met

Historians are pretty sure that England’s Protestant Queen Elizabeth I never laid eyes on her Catholic cousin and rival, Mary Queen of Scots. Supported by the Pope and by influential Catholics everywhere, Mary was enough of a

5 Wacky Modern Grand Pianos

Take a look at these amazing, bizarre pianos! 1. The Whaletone Created by the Polish designer Robert Majkut. Note: not actually an acoustic instrument, it houses a high-end Roland synthesizer. May not actually be able to communicate

Mozart’s Musical Heist

How the teenage composer brought Gregorio Allegri’s timeless Miserere to the masses By Geoffrey Larson Composed early in the 17th century, Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus remains one of the most beautiful sacred choral works of all

31 Facts About Mozart

1. He was a quick study. Mozart was so young when he wrote his first piece for violin and piano that he needed his father’s help—not to write the music, but to hold the pencil! It’s said

Preview: Byron Schenkman and Friends

By Melinda Bargreen — Reviewers and fans have compared Seattle’s Byron Schenkman to everyone from Vladimir Horowitz to Jimi Hendrix. Schenkman is equally at home with a world premiere and an obscure work for early keyboards, but

Geoffrey Larson on Hovhaness and Seattle

Left: Mt. Rainier. Right: Seattle Symphony Conductor Laureate Gerard Schwarz with Alan Hovhaness. (Photo: The Seattle Times) The Pacific Northwest is permeated by natural beauty, a place where the mountains, forests, and sea intertwine with the furthest