5 Wacky Modern Grand Pianos

Take a look at these amazing, bizarre pianos! 1. The Whaletone Created by the Polish designer Robert Majkut. Note: not actually an acoustic instrument, it houses a high-end Roland synthesizer. May not actually be able to communicate

Mozart’s Musical Heist

How the teenage composer brought Gregorio Allegri’s timeless Miserere to the masses By Geoffrey Larson Composed early in the 17th century, Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus remains one of the most beautiful sacred choral works of all

The Magic Flute in Cat GIFs

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s final opera was a grand collaboration with librettist Emanuel Schikaneder, premiering just two months before the composer’s death at the age of 35. The plot of The Magic Flute is a fascinating mix of

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