December 3, 2017

The First Sunday of Advent

ORISON: Prepare the way, O Zion (Tune: BEREDEN VÄG FÖR HERRAN) – mel. from Then Swenska Psalmboken, 1697; harm. Koralbok för Svenska Kyrkan, 1939, alt.
PSALM 80:1-7, 16-18 – Plainsong, Tone IV.4
HYMN: Te lucis ante terminum (Before the ending of the day) – Plainsong, Mode II
NUNC DIMITTIS – Richard Proulx (1937-2010)
ANTHEM: Creator of the stars of night (Tune: CONDITOR ALME SIDERUM) – Plainsong, Mode IV; arr. Michael Burkhardt (b. 1957)

Jason Anderson, director • Tyler Morse, reader • Thomas Adams, cantor
William Turnipseed, organist • Mel Butler, violist

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