December 31, 2017

The Seventh Day of Christmas

ORISON: Puer nobis nascitur† – from Moosburg Gradual, c. 1355-1360; arr. Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
PSALM 147 – Peter R. Hallock
HYMN: Of the Father’s love begotten (Tune: DIVINUM MYSTERIUM) – Sanctus trope, 11th cent.; adapt. Piae Cantiones, 1582
NUNC DIMITTIS (Tune: MARILYN) – Peter R. Hallock
ANTHEMS: Resonet in laudibus – Jacob Handl (1550-1591)
Away in a manger – Normandy melody, harm. Reginald Jacques (1894-1969); arr. Jason A. Anderson (b. 1976)
Gaudete * – from Piae Cantiones, 1582

Jason Anderson, director • Joel Matter, reader • Tyler Morse, cantor
† Kenneth V. Peterson and Joel Bevington, soloists
* Joel Matter, Ken Pendergrass, Jason Anderson, and Scott Kovacs, soloists
Derek Curtis-Tilton, Greg Bloch, and Campbell Thibo, percussion

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