Classical Music for Families

Classical KING FM is the perfect soundtrack at home, in the car, or at work, with music that helps you find your center and relax.  It’s also beautiful music you can share with your children and loved ones. Click the icons below to explore ways you can share classical music with young listeners.

What better way to acclimate young ears to the glorious strains of classical music than by tuning in to KING FM? Lay the foundation gently: put classical music on in the background as you make dinner, or play it in the car as you’re driving to soccer practice. Click here for a selection of KING FM curated playlists for kids.

Classical music concerts can be tricky to navigate with small ones in tow, but that doesn’t make sharing music with your child any less important! Click here for family friendly concert listings, featured on the Live Music Project calendar.

The benefits of music in child development are vast: increased literacy, intellectual and creative growth, improved social skills and confidence—the list goes on and on. Music provides an outlet for children to engage with the world around them and express themselves in a healthy and creative way. Click here for our comprehensive list of local music schools, youth symphonies, choirs and more.

Tune in every night at 6pm for a two-minute listening adventure packed with fun facts and stories about great classical music! For on-demand episodes of Explore Music, click here.

The KING FM Young Artist Awards, presented in partnership with Seattle Chamber Music Society, strives to give talented young musicians a bigger stage. This competition is one element of our promise to the community of more support for arts education, community partnerships with the arts, and more live broadcasts. Click here for more information about the 2018 Young Artist Awards.

Preserving the legacy of classical music for future generations takes support from the community. Over 79% of KING FM’s funding comes from listeners like you and that means ongoing programs such as Explore Music with Lisa Bergman and providing 17 instrument petting zoos in 2016-2017 that reached 2,701 children and their family members. Classical music matters. Arts education matters. Build a legacy for generations today and tomorrow by becoming a KING FM member today.