What’s your preference? Family friendly classical music? Relaxing music? Intellectually stimulating music? Modern classical? Classical music in the Northwest? Click one of these links for content curated for you.


Classical KING FM 98.1
Great Music. All Day.

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The KING FM Evergreen Channel
Relaxing Classical Favorites, 24/7.

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The KING FM Seattle Symphony Channel
Symphonic works and insights from our hometown orchestra.

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Second Inversion
Rethink classical with new and unusual music from all corners of the genre. Visit the Second Inversion website here.

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Do you have HD Radio at home or in your car? You can listen to three different classical radio stations, courtesy of KING FM:

98.1-1: Classical KING FM
98.1-2: KING FM Evergreen Channel
98.1-3: KING FM Seattle Symphony Channel

Learn more about whether you can listen to KING FM with your HD Radio.


If you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android Phone, you can stream Classical KING FM using our app! It’s available in the iTunes Store and Google Play store–and best of all, it’s free!

Learn more about our app here.



Apple’s Internet radio service will become part of Apple Music, and will only be available to paying subscribers. For more information, click here.

A few mouse clicks is all it takes to stream all of KING FM’s channels through iTunes. First, check to see if you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Then, follow these instructions to find radio listings in iTunes if you have a Mac and follow these instructions if you have a PC. Once you’ve found the radio listings, click on “Classical” for an alphabetical listing of classical radio stations. You will find us in the Cs under “Classical KING FM.”

Connect to an Internet broadcast
If you know the exact URL of an Internet broadcast or audio file, iTunes can connect to it directly.

    • Open iTunes
    • Choose File > Open Stream.
    • Enter the full URL of the broadcast or file you want to listen to.

Classical KING FM 98.1 http://classicalking.streamguys1.com/king-fm-mp3
KING FM Evergreen Channel http://classicalking.streamguys1.com/evergreen-mp3-96k
KING FM Seattle Symphony Channel http://classicalking.streamguys1.com/seattle-symphony-mp3
Second Inversion http://classicalking.streamguys1.com/second-inversion-aac


The contents of all Saturday Met Opera Matinees are copyrighted by The Metropolitan Opera, all rights are reserved, and any use or reproduction of the material therein without permission of The Metropolitan Opera is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.



If you have any questions about streaming KING FM via our website, our app, cable TV or iTunes, please contact the Website/Internet Operations Manager, Anne Martin at (206) 691-2995 or email at annem@king.org.

If you have questions about listening via FM Radio or HD Radio, contact our Operations Manager, Rachele Hales at (206) 691-2983, or email racheleh@king.org.