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I’m filling in for Dave all this week and looking at the music we’re putting together for the afternoons.  It’s amazing how much of the music reminds me of movies and TV.  Today it’s Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony, used in the 1979 film, “Breaking Away.”  Tuesday there’s the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto Number 2, which I associate with Marilyn Monroe and “The Seven Year Itch.”  Wednesday: Stanley Myer’s “Cavatina” used so brilliantly in “The Deer Hunter.”

Bizet’s Symphony in C doesn’t make me think of a movie but it did make a great ballet score.  And on Friday, Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio Italien makes me a Patches Pal again (People who didn’t grow up in Seattle in the 60’s will just have “research” that one.)

Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that music can trigger all that?!



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