What are you grateful for?

In November 2020, we’re giving thanks for the people who bring joy and music into our lives. We’re playing listener dedications on KING FM the week of Thanksgiving, Monday to Thursday. Dedicate a piece of music to someone special in your life and let us know why you’re grateful for them.

Calling all requests!

Have a favorite symphony, string quartet, or composer? A waltz or march or sonata that you’d like to dedicate to a friend or loved one? Or perhaps a special story to tell about the music in your life? This is your chance to share your favorite music with everyone!

With so many people listening from home right now, Classical KING FM is turning to YOU to help us choose the music that plays on 98.1.

Your music dedications and requests of gratitude will be featured Monday to Thursday the week of Thanksgiving 2020 (Nov. 23-26), as described above!*

Use the form below to send us your request — or, if you prefer, call us at (206) 691-2971.

*Request shows on the last Friday of the month will return in early 2021.

(Can’t see the request form below? You can access it here.)