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Seattle Opera on KING FM

Want to experience the splendor of opera on the go? KING FM has you covered through its ongoing partnership with the Seattle Opera.

  • Seattle Opera Mornings on KING FM — every Saturday at 10am — showcase live recordings of previous Seattle Opera performances.
  • For the 2020-21 season and beyond: Tune into 98.1 KING FM on select Saturday nights for a broadcast of each Seattle Opera production, hosted by opera staff and recorded during a performance on the McCaw Hall stage.

Seattle Opera Podcast

The Seattle Opera Podcast is for everyone. Are you an opera newbie (or maybe need a refresher)? Check out the SO’s opera 101 lessons. These short and entertaining overviews of the SO’s operas are a great place to start. Already an opera fan? Check out episodes that take a deeper dive into the operas. This podcast is a co-production of Seattle Opera and KING FM.

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2019-2020 Season Highlights

Opera on KING FM is made possible by the support of listeners like you!