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A California native, Marta Zekan moved to Seattle and started at KING FM in 1994. Before that, she was on-air at KFSD in San Diego, and KCFR and KVOD in Denver. She stresses how lucky Seattle is to have KING FM, as KFSD and KVOD – both heritage classical stations – are no longer what they were.

She worked for almost 20 years as a music director, voice and text coach, singing teacher, actor and sound designer in Southern California theatre. A pianist, Marta has a music degree from UC San Diego, and an MFA in Voice and Speech from the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver. Another institution no longer with us … hmmm, she muses as another chunk of her past disappears.

After the MFA, Seattle was the logical choice for a new city with its rich mix of arts and culture, major colleges and universities, a thriving classical radio station, and cool temperatures. Marta taught voice in programs for Seattle Rep, Freehold and Seattle Childrens Theatre, before going full time at KING FM.

Marta listens to all kinds of music, from rock to jazz to classical, but Musical Theatre is her first and deepest love. In the classical vein, she’s truly moved by the music of Brahms, thrills to Prokofiev, and finds solace and calm in Bach.

She recently got a folk harp and is diligently practicing. Other hobbies include an endless search for a specific Danish Modern dining chair, reading, and drawing floor plans for imaginary dwellings. She thinks perhaps she should have been an architect.

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