Mike Brooks

Weekdays: 4–6pm (including The Classical Commute, 5–6pm)

Before I moved to Seattle, 20+ years ago, I thought forests and snow-capped mountains were things of magazine ads and Technicolor Hollywood fantasy.

In short order, I found myself drawn to Cascade hikes, Puget Sound SCUBA dives, and carving downhill runs on “Cascade Concrete,” heady stuff for an East Coast transplant like me!

I grew up with a huge stack of my mom and dad’s classical record albums, and my dad, who fancied himself something of a tuba, playing Irish tenor (don’t ask!).

My love of classical broadcasting began with my first radio job at the classical station in my hometown of Baltimore.

After all these years, I still love sharing great music on the radio and the back stories that go with its composers.

Let’s get together for the next KING FM “Classical Commute”: the perfect relaxing wrap to the workday. We meet weekdays from 5 to 6pm!

Enjoy Music That Speaks To Me

Below is a list of some of my favorites. The exercise of having to choose only 10 favorites hardly seems fair and I’m sure that in a week I’d likely make some other choices but these are certainly at the top of my short list of desert island discs!