Nikhil Sarma

Overnight Tuesday to Wednesday: 11pm – 4am

Nikhil felt at home in Seattle the moment he stepped out of Seatac in the fall of 2009. He caught a bus heading towards the University of Washington, where he would study for the next four years. He felt a welcoming air in the city that reminded him of Ottawa, where he was born.

While perusing the on-campus job fair, he found a local radio station that was hiring and got an internship as an audio editor. It was through this internship that he heard King FM was hiring weekend board operators.

Nikhil worked as a board operator for five years at King FM’s old location on 10 Harrison Street. He loved the warmth of the master control studio, the thrill of switching to a live broadcast from Benaroya Hall or McCaw Hall, the focus needed to run the board for seven-hour pledge shifts while the announcers raised the funds necessary to keep the ship running.

By being behind the scenes for such a long time, Nikhil absorbed much of his announcer technique through osmosis. It turns out, being surrounded by superstar announcers has a trickle-down effect. Nikhil discovered he has a naturally inviting voice and the desire to use it to bring listeners into the music that has brought him so much joy.

When he is not on-air, Nikhil enjoys reading books and Wikipedia entries. He also enjoys movies, his daily morning run, chess exercises and learning how to play the drums. He is constantly revising his top ten best and worst Beatles songs list and loves to share it with anyone willing to listen.