Seth Tompkins
  • Saturdays: 9am–4pm (before and after opera broadcasts)
  • Sundays: 8–9am
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Seth Tompkins is a Midwestern transplant committed to the unique vibrancy of the Northwest. Seth moved to Seattle from Michigan in 2009 to study at UW. He has been part of Classical KING FM since 2011 and was on the team that created Second Inversion.

His formal training is in music; he holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in tuba performance from Central Michigan University and The University of Washington, respectively. Seth is an active freelancer in the Seattle area, having performed with groups ranging from Seattle Symphony to Seattle Rock Orchestra.

Thoroughly enjoying food and drink, Seth has also been enamored of the natural world since childhood. When he’s not at the station, playing tuba, or attending concerts, you might find him digging razor clams, hiking, or visiting a new restaurant or a museum.

When you’re not listening to Seth on KING FM on Saturdays and Sunday mornings and afternoons, look for him at music events in the Seattle area, either in the audience, behind the scenes, or onstage behind a tuba.

Enjoy Music That Speaks To Me

Selecting “favorites” is a difficult endeavor, so here a just a few. This list reflects my love of brass instruments, 20th century music, and American music. Also present here in are some of my favorite performers, conductors, and composers, many in combination with each other. Although I am interested in every format and ensemble type of classical music, my home base is orchestral music; this list reflects that as well. Enjoy!