Why are you moving and why now?
Our current lease is coming to an end in February 2020, and the building that we currently occupy will be demolished at that time. We have no choice and have to move by that date to continue to fulfill our mission.

Where are you located now, and where are you moving?
We are currently located close to Seattle Center, at 10 Harrison Street in Seattle. We have just signed a lease with Seattle Opera to occupy a suite in their civic home, the Opera Center, on the campus of Seattle Center, at 363 Mercer Street. More details about this exciting announcement here.

What is the timeline of the project?
Construction will start in September, and we are planning to occupy our new home by the end of February 2020.

What is this going to change for your listeners? Are you going to be off the air while you move?
We know you value our service, so we are not planning any interruption at all during this transition. We will continue to operate from our current location until our new studios are ready, and will activate the new signal in the middle of the night for minimal disturbance. While operating from new studios should not make radical changes to your listening experience, moving to a new location provides the opportunity to renew our aging equipment, and thereby offer a more reliable service.

Are you merging with Seattle Opera?
No, Classical KING FM will remain an independent organization. Seattle Opera is simply renting us space in their building.  We are excited about the new opportunities for collaboration that being under one roof will offer, but Classical KING FM’s commitment to all classical music organizations in the Puget Sound Region is unwavering.  We are keenly aware that radio is freely accessible across a wide demographic spectrum, making it critically important in the effort to develop new audiences for classical music.  Since only 15% of our audience has ever attended a classical concert, we will continue to encourage our audience to deepen their commitment to classical music and the arts by taking that next step and attending concerts.

How can I support this project?
For this project, Classical KING FM needs to raise $3M, in addition to its operating budget. We hope that you will consider a gift to support this project above and beyond your annual contribution, and you can make your donation here.

Can I make a sustaining donation?
While a sustaining gift is the best way to support our mission and annual fund, your campaign gift will be allocated to one-time costs. If you are considering a donation over $5,000 and would like to spread that over up to 4 years, please contact us at performancecircle@king.org.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes! Classical KING FM is a 501(c)3 and your donation may give you a tax benefit. Please check with your tax advisor. The Campaign for Classical KING FM is a separate fund, but not a separate organization.

Other questions?