Become a part of Classical KING FM through underwriting and sponsorships. Classical music is a special community in the Puget Sound region. By being a supporter, our listeners hear your message and trust businesses and organizations that are in our calm, uncluttered, and impactful environment. Your support through underwriting with KING FM makes a statement to our listeners.

We make the process as easy as we can. The KING FM Underwriting & Sponsorship department are available to ask you questions that help narrow down when you should underwrite, how much it will cost, and what your messages should say. We have turnkey copywriters to help write the spots at no extra cost and once an underwriting plan is agreed to, you are ready to be promoted on-air! However, first, contact us!

Email Blaine Shepherd, Director of Programming & Corporate Support, at, or call 206-691-2998 to start the conversation.

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Source: Scarborough R1 2019: Feb 18-Feb 19, Adults 18+