Classical KING FM 98.1
Great Music. All Day.

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The KING FM Evergreen Channel
Relaxing Classical Favorites, 24/7.

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Second Inversion
Rethink classical with new and unusual music from all corners of the genre. Visit the Second Inversion website here.

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Do you have HD Radio at home or in your car? You can listen to two different classical radio stations, courtesy of KING FM:

98.1-1: Classical KING FM
98.1-2: KING FM Evergreen Channel

Learn more about whether you can listen to KING FM with your HD Radio.

If you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android Phone, you can stream Classical KING FM using our app! It’s available in the iTunes Store and Google Play store–and best of all, it’s free!

Learn more about our app here.

To access KING FM on your smart speaker, use the following command: “___, play Classical KING FM”. 

Do not use the words: radio or 98.1 – these commands can confuse the smart speaker and result in a different station being played.